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A Fundraiser For Radiating Hope

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Keep the New Year festivities going and head down to the Monocle for a night of live music by Seasoned Wood while supporting an incredible cause. Sneha Cloake will be climbing Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania in March for a charity called Radiating Hope. It is a 100% volunteer based organization dedicated to bringing cancer care in areas around the world that need it the most. The proceeds of this climb (and your support) will go directly to help cancer patients in Tanzania get access to much needed health care. Cancer is the leading cause of death in the African continent, killing more people than HIV/AIDS, malaria and TB combined. It is heartbreaking to think of all those children, women and men who face the certainty of death due to lack of access to treatment. 

She’s been in the field of cancer treatment for over a decade of her life. Cancer does not discriminate, it can affect anyone, at any age. After losing a few close friends/ family this year, she felt the need to do something. Climbing a 19,341’ mountain, breathless, unfit and not showering for 7 days is definitely not her idea of a holiday, but she’s doing this to help. She’s doing this to make a difference. She’s doing this knowing that every struggling step she takes on this journey is a drop in the ocean compared to the struggles of thousands that suffer in this country without any access to healthcare. Each step she takes is a step closer for someone to have the treatment they need.
Read more here about the charity here: 

So join us for a night of live music by local acoustic/rock band Seasoned Wood as they deliver some of the best rock classics of the ages. Raffles, guest performances, excellent drinks and fantastic company... what more could one want on a Thursday night? Hope to see you all there. Feel free to buy a ticket in advance or at the door. Suggested amount is $10 but there is no fixed price for this event, give what you can and what you feel like giving. Help support her and let’s kick cancer to the curb together! 


If you can’t make it but would like to contribute, feel free to donate directly at

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