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Join us on the 4th Wednesday of every month for our newest Burlesque Game Show: BURLYEOKE where you sing while we strip from 8pm-Midnight. Tickets are $5 CASH at the door. Sing your heart out while we strip!

Here's how it works: 

- Show up when you want (this isn't a "sit-down and watch" kind of show)

- Submit your name and song to sing (karaoke etiquette, per usual) 

- It's karaoke time from 8-9:30pm! 

- Around 9:30 we'll randomly select a name/song and draw a performer's name out of a hat (or maybe out of a glove)

- Then IMPROV HILARITY ensues -- you sing while we dance

- After the performers have a turn, it's back to regular 'ole karaoke

- Around 10:30, we repeat for round 2

- Close out the night with even more... you guessed it! KARAOKE! 

Produced by Dolly G Whiz Productions in association with The Monocle!